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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Pictures of the Epic Bash

To view more pictures taken at the joint schools birthday bash, go to the Kalani Class of 69 Alumni blog site and the Roosevelt Class of '69 website.  Find and click on them at the Tiger Links located in the left column of this page.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Calientes Sound Check

A few committee members were treated to a behind-the-scenes viewing of the Calientes' sound check just prior to the start of the bash.  Lucky them.

More from the Bash

 Yes it was crowded.
Richard Haru, Yasu Yorita, Keith Kurahashi
and Steven Loui (Kaimuki '69).

 More check-ins.
 Roosevelt's display.
The Darlamanes
Colleen, Chris, JoAnn (Roosevelt '69)
and Suzanne (Farrington '69)?
More door prizes.

The 60th Birthday Bash

The joint Birthday Bash event for Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools' Class of '69 was held on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the Japanese Cultural Center's Manoa Ballroom.  Over 225 alumni and friends from the four schools enjoyed interaction, food, casino games, and live music by the Beat Boys.  But with the special appearance of the legendary Calientes at the end of the night, the bash went from a good party to an EPIC event.

 MHS committee members, Keith Kurahashi, 
Chris Sumiye Imoto, Dean Masuno,and 
Dan Hironaka staff the McKinley reception table.
 Chris and Keith at the reception table.
 Bob Delacuesta (Kaimuki '69) and Dexter Suzuki 
call out one of the many door prizes of the night.
 Dexter Onaga and Yasu Yorita talk stories.
Or is he challenging to arm wrestle?
 Dan Hironaka tries his luck at blackjack.
 The Calientes' epic performance.
 Dexter Suzuki keeps the beat for the Calientes.
 Glen Okano and Gregory Fong (Roosevelt '69)
 Keith Kurahashi and Vincent Yee (Roosevelt '69) fulfill
one of their dreams to play with the Calientes.
 Jackie Phillips also joined the Calientes to keep the beat
for Russell Shiroma and Glen Okano (Roosevelt '69)

 MHS alumni committee members, Dean Masuno,
Dexter Suzuki, and Keith Kurahashi.
Birthday Bash steering committee members from
Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More from Kaimuki HS

 Tennis mixer
 Susan Tamashiro Sato and Keith Kurahashi exchange information on annuals with their Kaimuki counterparts.
Here's Gordon Lum and his smoked ribs!!
 They call this the Kaimuki wok.
 Keith's tripe stew is good to the last drop!
 Two of the three from MHS (Susan was the third)
 Okay, now we have Kaimuki and Kalani  checking things out with our McKinley alumni.
 We need to schedule a final match. The match ended tied, 1-1.
Most of the group after lunch.  Thoroughly satisfied!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Live 60's and 70's music at the Birthday Bash

The live music for the upcoming Class of '69 Birthday Bash at the Japanese Cultural Center on July 23rd will feature the Beat Boys, with special performance by the Calientes.

Tennis/Volleyball celebration at Kaimuki HS

 Gerald Sato (Kaimuki), Susan Tamashiro Sato and Chris Sumiye Imoto enjoyed the awesome tripe stew, smoked ribs, and other ono foods after the tennis matches.
 Gerald Sato (Kaimuki), Ronald Fukumoto (Kaimuki), Susan Tamashiro Sato, Bobby Imoto (Kalani) and Keith Kurahashi review the Tiger and Bulldog annuals.
Keith Kurahashi flashed his volleyball skills in a 5 on 5 mixed game with Kaimuki and Kalani alumni.

Mahalo to the Kaimuki alumni for hosting a great celebration to kick off this year's four-school Class of '69 60th Birthday Bash.  Next stop, Saturday, July 23rd at the Japanese Cultural Center.
Casino games, prizes, food, live music by the Beat Boys (with special performance by the Calientes)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Bash Committee Meeting

Standing committee members for the upcoming 60th Birthday Bash on July 23rd, held their final meeting to tie up loose ends and discuss details of the event.  First picture shows Dexter Suzuki giving a presentation on proper acknowledgment protocol for the event ... or something like that.  Whatever it was, he was very entertaining.
The count is currently over 220, so we should have a good crowd, awesome celebration, and a great party.

Mahalo to Bob Delacuesta and Janice Nii (co-chairs), and the Kaimuki Class of '69 for hosting the event and inviting their sister schools.

Photos by Wendell Ogitani, Kaimuki '69