McKinley High School

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back from the joint school 62nd birthday bash ...
Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt's
Class of 1969
"Don't Stop Believin' Tour 2013"
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2013

 Bobby Comeau, Karen Chun Kaneko, 
and Kats Itagaki Soma (KHS)
 Bobby Comeau and Ann Moniz Suen (KHS)
 At the nightly Hospitality Room
Keith Kurahashi, Guy Blackiston (RHS),
Charlotte & Raynard Kanemori,
Ron Autele, Keith & Miwa Mizokami
 Vincent Yim (RHS) quizzes Gary & Myra Tamanaha
 Ron Autele, Harold Fujii (RHS) and Chris Sumiye Imoto
 Bowling Team:  Laura Aoki Komoda (KHS), 
Raynard Kanemori, and Val Hata Ford (KHS)
 Bowling Team: 
 Dan Ishii, Robyn Yafuso (RHS) and Lani Harrington (RHS)
 Bowling Team: 
 Keith Mizokami, Kathy Inouye Anzai (KHS)
 and JoAnn Oda Oshima (RHS)
 At the school colors banquet - Pullman Room, Main Street
Charlotte & Raynard Kanemori and Dan Ishii
 Dan Ishii, Keith Kurahashi, Raynard & Charlotte Kanemori
 Vincent Yim (RHS) addresses the group
 Bobby Comeau, Ron Autele, Gary Tamanaha, 
Stephen Teranishi (RHS), and Guy Blackiston (RHS)
 Chris Sumiye Imoto, Jacob Tanaka (Kaimuki),
Ann Moniz Suen (KHS) and Joanne Amioka Chikuma (KHS)
 The school colors were well represented.
Cathy Lim Yoza (KHS), Val Hata Ford (KHS), 
Joanne Amioka Chikuma (KHS), Kats Itagaki Soma (KHS),
 Karen Chun Kaneko (MHS) and Ann Moniz Suen (KHS)

 Networking in the hospitality room
 Karaoke in the hospitality room
More karaoke and dancing

 Keith Kurahashi explains the rules of the "bowling" challenge
 The girls outside the Rock of Ages show
The Roosevelt/Kalani Race Team
Vincent Yim (RHS), Robin Yafuso (RHS), 
Bobby Imoto (KHS), JoAnn Oda Oshima (RHS),
Leonard Morales (RHS), Kathy Inouye Anzai (KHS),
and Harold Fujii (RHS)