McKinley High School

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MHS Reunion Committee

Committee members:  Dan Ishii, Dexter Suzuki, Brian Yamada, Chris Sumiye Imoto, and Dean Masuno met at Fort Shafter Bowling Alley (One of the sites of our upcoming 45th reunion events) to discuss the strategies, dates, time, details, and also test the food.  Plans are coming along ... food was great.

Regarding the bowling, don't worry if you are not an avid bowler, the Tiger format is designed for EVERYONE to be able to participate.  In fact, if you've never bowled before, you will probably do better and have more fun than the "ringers."

A few "fun seeking" Tigers traveled to Las Vegas last November for "secret" bowling practice with '69 classmates from Kalani and Roosevelt.  The group also "practiced" socializing at nightly Hospitality Room events, a banquet, and other group activities.  They discovered that even without practice anyone can have a great and memorable time. 

Mark your calendars, save the dates:

August 30th (Golf, Bowling, Aloha Reception)
August 31st (Banquet - Honolulu Country Club)

For more details, contact:

Dexter Suzuki
(808) 779-3035

Chris Sumiye Imoto
(808) 292-7314

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

45th Reunion is coming ...

Okay, the MHS reunion committee has finally recovered from our 62th birthday bash in Las Vegas with our Roosevelt and Kalani 69 classmates and are now ready to get moving on our 45th Class Reunion.

Yes, believe it or not, it has been 45 years since we graduated high school.  This year also marks our 63rd birthday ... well at least for most of us.  You often hear the term, "how time flies."  Well for us 69 graduates, time has actually already flown and we are now on our slow descent into the airport of senior life.  

No one knows how baby boomers are suppose to behave as senior citizens and since we never did follow what everyone else said we had to do, why start now?  Who says we can't hangout with our high school friends and have a great time doing whatever we want to do?  Our kids?  Ha!

Mark your calendars (because with our failing memory, we will forget) to join your fellow Tigers in August for the celebrations.  The Golf, Bowling, and Aloha Reception locations is being determined by the committee and will be posted ASAP.  The dates and times, however, will be the same.

We will be asking for help in locating and contacting classmates who have moved, gotten married, changed their name, etc.  A list of the MIA Tigers is forthcoming, but in the meantime, if you have any questions about the upcoming reunion or are willing to donate or contribute to the events, please contact Dexter or Chris.