McKinley High School

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

One of Sunday's activities was a trip to the Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing facility where speed racers from all three schools set new records in all categories ... not necessarily speed records.  Great fun!!

(Some of them drove so fast that their jump suits burst open!)

Hawaii SIX-O Search Warrant - Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt involved being deputized with temporary police powers, getting a tattoo, and hunting down evidence from the downtown Las Vegas casinos and areas.  It was an action packed one hour of searching.

(Don't ask which team won, but their Red & White colors led their search for truth, justice, and the Las Vegas way)

Hospitality Rooms

The three schools shared two hospitality rooms.  Lots of people for just two rooms.  Only one noise complaint. (Ha!) 
Poor Dexter ... could go to sleep until everyone left.  Challenge games continued throughout the night along with karaoke, drinking, eating, story telling, and other classified activities. 
(You needed to be there to enjoy them)

Bowling at Sam's Town Casino

 On Friday, the joint group headed down to the Sam's Town Casino bowling center for their next adventure.
 Dean explained the rules ... yes there were rules to this McKinley/Kalani sponsored event.
 For this event the four-person teams were mixed from all schools.
See Kaimuki's Lance Toyofuku sitting up at the top.  He represented the Bulldogs well.
 Another great exchange between all schools.
 Two games:  Blackout and "Crazy Bowling" required the teams to do a lot of unorthodox bowling.  In the beginning, some team members thought it was a swim meet and dove onto the alleys.
 The MHS committee discussed reviewing the rules again.
 Too late, everyone started bowling ...
... if you could call it that.  Such form, great style, unbelievable coordination.
(Then there were the bowlers ...)

 At the end, all the children played well together and had great fun.
Gordon Choy (KHS) doing his guitar solo! (He's actually taking photos)

If you didn't go on this trip,

Getting Aquainted Program

 Thursday Night:  McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kalani (even a Kaimuki classmate snuck in) packed the newly opened Island Sushi restaurant at the Plaza Hotel with over 100 people.  We asked for 80, they set for 50, we showed up with 100 ... nothing has changed with this class of '69.

  Keith, Vincent Yim (RHS) and Dean
 There were door prizes throughout the night
 It was a great mix of the three schools
 MHS Black-n-Gold table
 There was even a bruddah from Hawaii there to enterain and "tease" us old futs.
Note Kalani's Red n White table ... right in front of the music
 And from the slopes of Papakolea, Bruddah Art from RHS

Slots of Fun ...

 After the breakfast meeting, all schools participated in the Slot Tournament at the Main Street Casino.
The most important skill involved was to know how to continuously push the button for twenty minutes straight.  If you were there, you would have witness many different techniques.  The main ingredient here is LUCK!!  And three very lucky people won the three different heats.

And that is how our Las Vegas adventure started!

 Lanki (RHS) and Dexter ready for the second heat.
The Kalani "A" Team.  (They didn't do well but had lots of fun!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Aquainted Breakfast

Thursday morning's "Getting Aquainted" breakfast meeting at the Main Street Casino.

McKinley joins the group

The McKinley'69 contingency arrives at the Cal on Wednesday night and checks in with classmates from Kalani and Roosevelt High Schools