McKinley High School

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting ready to be real Seniors ... 65 and Medicare!

Space is limited, so RSVP early.  If the sessions are full, we may add additional workshops later in the year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 LV Bash Friday Night Banquet

The Prime Rib Loft at The Orleans was the site for the group's banquet.  Classmates from the three schools wore their school colors and had a fabulous dinner.  The prizes for the McKinley sponsored "Crazy Bowling" event were awarded following dessert.

Winners of the Walk the Strip Scavenger Hunt

The team made up of Keith Kurahashi, Dayle Hoopai (RHS), Joanne Amioka Chikuma (KHS), and  Ann Moniz Suen (KHS) edged out their closest competition by a few points with some very creative and funny picture submissions.
Humorous picture with two team members with Caesar's Palace in background
 We can only guess that this was their interpretation of a fountain
Picture of two team members at a wedding chapel
 Looks like marriage was the farthest thing on her mind
A humorous picture to two team members fronting the Venetian.
 Keith and Dayle's version of a "V" for Venetian
Picture of a team member with a slot cash voucher for $69
Blow Your Mind in '69

Team 1 won $100 cash for their first place finish.  The scavenger challenge probably lasted longer than the prize money, but they had a great workout and now own the bragging rights.

Monday, October 5, 2015


We're back!!  The joint group made up of '69 graduates from McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kalani high schools successfully completed their Las Vegas Bash and can confirm that they made significant deposits into the Nevada economy, ate their weight in food, had a few drinks, renewed acquaintances, made some new friends, and enjoyed some wholesome '69 fun.  

 Myra Tamanaha, Bobby Comeau, Gary Tamanaha, and Mark Luna (RHS) at the Ice Breaker Breakfast on the first morning
Lisa Chang (RHS), Wendy Yim (MPI), Bobby Comeau and Chris Sumiye Imoto get ready for Crazy Bowling, a McKinley Reunion Committee event
 At the Hospitality Room with Gordon Choy (KHS), Kent Harada (KHS), Ann Moniz Suen (KHS), Keith and Miwa Mizokami, and Myra Tamanaha
 In The Orleans:  Harold Fujii (RHS), Keith Kurahashi, Bobby Comeau, Gary Tamanaha, Mark Luna (RHS) and Myra Tamanaha
Bowling winners, Roberta Lim (RHS) and Keith Kurahashi pose for a picture at the banquet held at Prime Rib Loft at The Orleans

Saturday, April 18, 2015

TTF:  Tomodachi Travelers Forever

 At the Fushimi Inari Shrine
Brad Chikuma RHS, Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma (Kalani), David Kaneshiro (Kalani), Amy (Nakata) Kaneshiro (Waipahu '72), Steph (Yim) Miwa (RHS), Lani (Kuwana) Harrington (RHS), Cheryl (Miwa) Osumi (RHS), Dayle (Fujii) Hoopai (RHS), JoAnn (Oda) Oshima (RHS), Dana (Ikeda) Kobashigawa (RHS), Roy Kobashigawa (MHS), Myra (Kamikawa) Tamanaha (MHS '70), and Chris (Sumiye) Imoto (MHS)

 '69 Tomodachi Selfie with photo bombing by Mt. Fuji

SHOPPING at Ameya Yokocho in Tokyo

Kampai by Harold Fujii (RHS) with Bobby Chinen (MHS)

Arlene Kami (MHS) and a "friend"
At the Se No Umi Ryokan (spa) in Inatori on the Izu Peninsula

David Kaneshiro (Kalani), Amy (Nakata) Kaneshiro (Waipahu '72),
Shirley (Matsuo) Fukumoto (Kaimuki) and Ron Fukumoto (Kaimuki)

 Keith Aweau (Kamehameha) and Marian (Arakawa) Crocco MHS
Myra Tamanaha (MHS '70), Merle (Yamada) Woo MHS, and Ben Woo (Kalani '70)
Class of '69 Tomodachi Tour to Japan
March - April 2015

An adventurous group of 35 Tomodachi (friends), made up of Class of '69 grads from McKinley, Roosevelt, Kalani, and Kaimuki, along with their significant others enjoyed an awesome spring tour chasing the sakura.
Here, on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, they enjoyed a rare totally unobstructed view of Mount Fuji.

At the Kinkakuji Temple

Steph (Yim) Miwa RHS, Veda (Gyotoku) Shimizu MHS, Arlene Kami MHS, Doreen (Kano) Matsumoto RHS, Cheryl (Miwa) Osumi RHS, and Merle (Yamada) Woo MHS

At a sake brewery in Nada, Osaka

Myra (Kamikawa) Tamanaha MHS '70, Cheryl Osumi RHS, Chris (Sumiye) Imoto MHS, Lani (Kuwana) Harrington RHS, and Dayle (Fujii) Hoopai RHS